Chatting with Candidate for Cal Governor, Daniel Mercuri

Talking with one of the California Candidates running to replace Gavin Newsom- You’re gonna love this guy! Summary Season 2 Episode 13 (previously recorded) Holly and Lily have an opportunity to sit and chat with Daniel about his views on what’s going on in California? I think we can all agree we are living inContinue reading “Chatting with Candidate for Cal Governor, Daniel Mercuri”

Grassroot People vs. Political Parties

Summary Season 2/ Episode 12– Election season is here! Guess who is doing the same ol’ song and dance? Republican and Democratic Parties have a proven track record of FAILURE. Tired of the same old shit? What would happen if we try something different? We believe it’s imperative to try something different. Vote with integrityContinue reading “Grassroot People vs. Political Parties”

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