Grassroot People vs. Political Parties


Season 2/ Episode 12– Election season is here! Guess who is doing the same ol’ song and dance? Republican and Democratic Parties have a proven track record of FAILURE. Tired of the same old shit? What would happen if we try something different? We believe it’s imperative to try something different. Vote with integrity and morals NOT what the  “parties” feed you. WE NEED ALL CALIFORNIANS TO RISE.

REMINDER: We are an organic group so thank you in advance for your understanding. R E A L T A L K    R E A L P E O P L E

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Please Note:Some of the names in this program may have been changed to protect identities — Send in a voice message:


Published by recallradiopodcast

A dedicated Californian that loves her state! I have met a great group of individuals with similar mindsets and together we are fierce! The Recall Gavin movement is waking up people to the reality of whats really going on.

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